Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Feelings about Three Cups of Tea

Thank you for Jeff to introduce this novel, Three Cups of Tea, for us. I enjoy it very much. First, I have learned a lot of new words from the novel, even though I didn’t know the exact meanings of some new words. Second, I have understood how to write some good and complicated sentences, especially the use of comma and clause. In addition, I have gotten some life experience and emotional knowledge.
I think the most interesting is the Haji Ali’s lesson and interview with Amira Mortenson. From the conversation between Greg and Haji Ali, I learned to keep control on myself. When Greg wanted to finish the construction of school in a hurry, he kept his eye on everyone and drove people hard. I understood the Greg’s feelings completely because I came across the same puzzle in the past, but reading the conversation between Greg and Haji Ali, I changed my thoughts which existed in my brain for a long time. When you didn’t change the society or environment, you’d better change yourself. I all agreed with the Greg’s idea that Haji Ali was the wisest man I’d ever met.
        Of course, I only introduce parts of my feelings about this book and also like the three steps to make a new friend. Compared to original novel, this novel is easy enough for the young readers to read. Therefore, I will recommend this book for people who have learned English for 4-5 years. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Traditional and Modern Marriage in China

         In the past, according to traditional Chinese culture, marriage between men and women should be determined by their parents. Most young people had no choice to select a spouse. The purpose of marriage was to produce a healthy son who kept the family name alive. In modern marriage in China, however, young people should be free to choose their own marriage partners. The parents didn’t consider the sons or daughters who the couple produced. Even though there are a lot of changes from tradition to modern marriage, Chinese people have remained some advantage and perfect customs such as Chinese red.  Red is the Color of Weddings in China. In the past, a bride have to wear a red dress. Nowadays, most of brides still choose the red dress on a wedding ceremony. If the bride and groom choose the western wedding, the bride should wear white wedding dress. After finishing the wedding ceremony, the bride will wear the red mandarin dress or other red dress to toast with the groom. Maybe different areas, especial some villages, will have the different requests in China, but most of brides in wedding ceremony will have a happy, perfect and beautiful performance in a whole day.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Favorite Movie Titanic

This movie is well-known for everyone, and it moved many people; I am no exception. The Titanic was called unsinkable ship, but finally it sank into the ocean. I saw Titanic in 1997 in my high school. The scenes of the sinking of the magnificent Titanic were truly frightening. I like it because two reasons. First, if you met some emergency events, you should keep calm. Then you would find a useful way to solve the problem. When ship started sinking, many people only knew crying, but Jack and Rose were trying to survival. Even though they fell into the ocean, Jack still encouraged Rose to find ways to have a life. Second, the best love is not only living together but also living alone. When Jack dead, Rose still alive. Love is not staying with each other anytime, and it is even he did not exist. Sometimes when I heard the song, my heart will go on, with my heart, I cried hopelessly. If I was Rose, what did I do? I respected Rose very much.” A sad ending, a romantic love story”, I think this is the best description about Titanic.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hangzhou Lake

       In China, there are many interesting places such as the Great Wall, Hangzhou Lake, sea shore and Baiyang Lake. Today, I want to introduce Hangzhou Lake which is very beautiful, miserable, famous interesting place, and I have been to Hangzhou Lake three times. The most recent time when my family visited Hangzhou Lake was on April 12, 2015. The story of Hangzhou Lake came from an old myth, about a love story of a snake and a person, which happened in Hangzhou city about 659 B.C. I heard about Hangzhou Lake from a very moving, well-known TV play, the Legend of White Snake, which was very popular for everyone including children, teenage, senior. I liked the soft and beautiful White Snake very much. When I was a child and saw the TV Play about White Snake, I made a decision that I would visit Hangzhou Lake in future. The best time to Hangzhou Lake is February, April, October and December. 
Broken Bridge in TV

Broken Bridge in real life

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Third Language

At present, I am studying English in the University of Calgary. When I was in middle school, I begun to study English. I have learned English for 12 years so far, but my English isn’t so good. If you ask me which other language you’d like to learn besides English, maybe actually, I have no idea. In contrast to Chinese, English belong to western language system which is very different from eastern language system. Maybe the basic reason of causing the differences is the different culture. Therefore, if I have a chance, I probably will learn Korean. Why? Because my wife and I have decided we are going to travel to Korea in next year if we have spare time in common. Nowadays, I understand the Korea a little, so if I want to learn Korean, l will know the Korea culture firstly. Maybe, I will learn Korean more easily than English. I think language is a part of culture and the culture makes the language meaningful. I suggest if you want to learn Chinese, you must understand the Chinese culture.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Ration and Emotion

      Men are different from women in many ways such as using language, expressing love and dealing with questions. I think men are rational and women are emotional. First, when a man loved a woman, he didn’t only consider money and beauty and he would consider the family background and others factors. However, nowadays, for unmarried girls, a woman only considered money when she would love a man. Maybe, some people don’t agree with me; that is no problem because we have a different idea. You can insist on your opinion. Second, men express their loves by giving presents. The value of presents is proportional to how much love you. In contrast, when a woman decided on whether a man loved her, maybe she consider whether he talked with her and understood her feelings. Third, men usually went to drink with his friends and didn’t let his wife to know his sadness when he was upset; however, when a woman was upset, she liked to share with her husband and she thought that it was a way to express her love. Fourth, there are different ideas about jobs. In China, because of different nature of work, men seldom study nursing and women seldom study oil drilling; for example, in school of nursing, South China University, there is only a man studying nursing in 2011 session of the third class. In addition, we should consider the differences between men and women when we face the different ideas about the same things with her or him.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Daydream on Money

       At present, some people think that money is everything. They say that you can do everything if you have money. I don’t think so. Nowadays I am not a rich man, and can’t do everything which l would like to do. If I want to spend a lot of money, I have to consider money problem. If I have a chance to get the $10 million in the lottery, I am going to have a detailed plan. First, I will have a donation to charity about 50% of my income, especially children. Those people who are very old or young need to be taken care of because they have no income and labor. I hope that they are going to obtain the care and attention. If the government wants to do those, they need money. Second, I want to do something for my hometown; for example, I want to build a highway from Beijing city to my hometown. Nowadays, my hometown isn’t very rich and they want to develop the industry and agriculture. If there aren’t many roads and transport, they can’t do anything. As we know, money is very important for our living. We need money to buy food, buy a house or pay our education cost, but the money isn’t everything. In my opinion, money can both benefit people and do harm to them. If some people try to get money by dishonest means, it will be a bad thing. Money can bring them nothing but misery. In a word, I know that I have no chance to get the $10 million, but I hope the people who have gotten the $10 million are going to do some useful thing to the society.